The Qubehead

The cube is understood as an agent floating around somewhere in the world, trying to come up with stranger and stranger ideas. If it has 2 minutes of free time, it’ll quickly create 15 minutes of free time, in order to figure out some insane idea, be it a specific packaging, or a parody of a poster. Thanks to the fact that it spends a lot of time traveling, and can’t stay in one place for more than 2 weeks, it experiences a lot of the world, from which it gains inspiration to create.

Its only necessity is for someone, at least one single person, to smile when looking upon its works. 

One doesn’t, and couldn’t need more than this. 



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Padlock vol. BP

New Padlock for the Union of Buda, Pes & Óbuda. It was placed on the most beloved sightseeing bridge of Budapest, than stolen by someone


Padlock of Pécs


painted steel

70x40x0.8 cm

Une journée á Paris

This theme is trying to collect all the happenings & memories what comes to you on a daily journey in Paris. Actually: how is possible to compress a 11.120 meter walk marked with a red thread trought the city, or 9:19 hours in a portable picture without writing down the story.

Photo, and Collage


11.120 m thread, map of Paris

120x80 cmx4 cm

Blissful Tranquility

The final rest, what I always looknig for. This Installation shows where could I find it, and offer you the possibility to find your joyous moments of your life. 




wood, leather, i-pods, ikea furniture

205x120x105 cm

GWE 2013

A work inspried by the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2013.




BMW door, plastic

270x108x16 cm

Is this a Landscape?

Do we accept the virtual forest as landscape? 

/Allegory of the cave, Plato/



Series of 4 piece


postcard, C-print

14,8x10,5 cm

Today in yesterday

I'm doing already about 10-11 years medieval reenacment. In this time I had the chance to meet other history lovers from whole Europe. It came out, that everybody is doing it for an absolute different reason. 
At this project I'm seeking with other reenactors, why they are doing this.
As a part of this researching did I and my friends a 42 km journey in 16th. century costumes from Budapest (H) to Visegrád (H), and we took 2-4 hours of film with head-cameras.
The project goes on in the summer of 2012, and at the end I look forward to bring out a book from the researches.

Self portrait

My very first self-portraits.


Self portrait with pipe (black)

plastic, wood, pipe
50x60x14 cm

Self portrait (white)

20x22x12 cm

Setlements of the hungarians

The modernizing of the landscape from Árpád Feszty (1856-1914).
Why Playmobil™? Because that was a beloved toy in my childhood. Me and some of my friends were replaying historical events with these figures. 
I thought that with the using of these play-figures, I can bring this event closer to everyone, and step out a little bit of just the nationalistic meaning.


Settlement of the hungarians

89.1x23 cm

3 tales

Ideas on canvas for three beloved tales:.


Legend of the Wonder Deer (hungarian legend)

acrylic on canvas
120x120 cm.


The Emperor's new clothes

acrylic on canvas, coat-hanger
120x120 cm.



acrylic on canvas
120x120 cm

Facebook socialism

Full collection now!
The Utopia of Marx & Engels is nowadays reborn on Facebook.
All profiles are equal!
Everyone shares everything with everyone!
None is more than the other!
Don't forget about your farm!

The aim of the „Dózsa György” Facebook group #2354 is to create a peaceful, happy society free of politics in and outside of this social-network. 




different sized prints,
metal objekts

Wunderbaum winter collection 2010-2011

The idea groove over the first exhibition. After the first exhibition at Kantabár (Pécs) there came a second one. A kind of a dadaist exhibition at Csendestárs (Silent partner) (Budapest).
The idea: get out everything from the Wunderbaum idol.
So I tried. Hope you enjoy.



acrylic on canvas & other materials
40x40 cm / 120x80 cm

Easter Bunnies for the Bishop

“Happy Easter!”

This is what I would have said, were I to have stayed there on Sunday morning, and have waited for the bishop of Pécs in front of the Cathedral. I didn’t, however, as my train was leaving to Budapest. But if I have managed to achieve at least as much as a smile among the local pedestrians (especially children), then I got what I wanted. Happy bunny to everybody!

This time, bunnies have appeared in Pécs in front of the Cathedral. This was my Easter gift to this Hungarian-Mediterranean city in 2010. 


Easter bunnies


painted steel

20-30 cm

Pieta & Crucifixion

Easter 2011 Exhibition in Paris St. Merry Cathedral.
Two quite big sculptures in a huge, beautiful renaissance-barock interior.
With the help of Voir & Dire and Intertechnika Co.



painted steel
90x230x136 cm



painted steel


In Pécs there’s a wall of padlocks. Love-stricken graduating students put locks here. According to a photographer friend of mine, this is only a scheme devised by locksmiths to sell more locks. This wall, however, has become a symbol of Pécs. I wanted to add a padlock as well, but one that would be remembered not only by me, but the locals as well. This is how the idea of the Pécs Padlock 2010 was born. The original inspiration naturally came while having a few drinks during an earlier visit of mine. The process of getting to the wall and putting up the padlock was such an absurd moment, but it felt great. People started noticing it. One can even think of some kind of purpose to it, although the idea was simply driven by idiocy and fun. 

The padlock became so successful, that it was re-exhibited after the reconstructions of 2010 by the deputy mayor and the city council. 


Padlock of Pécs


painted steel

70x40x0.8 cm

Painting sea with sea

There is an anecdote about a painter, who went out every day to the beach, with his canvas, and his painting materials, and every day he painted the same. Once a child went to him to see what he's painting. On the canvas was nothing, even when the painter was painting with his brush. In a bowl by the canvas was water. Sea water. The child asked him. why is he using seawater to paint? The man answered: Sea can just be painted with sea.


Painting sea with sea Try 1.

oil on canvas
120x80 cm


In Global

born: Moscow, 1987


“art” schools:

  • 2001-03 School of Modern Art (Baska József)
  • 2002-06 Szimultán Art School (Menasági Péter, Bukta Norbert)



  • 2005-09 École d'Art Marysee Eloy – Visart Budapest
  • 2011-14 Universität der Künste Berlin – Art in Context MA 


2005 Veszprém (H), European Int. Open Air Sculpture Park

2007 Baláca-Veszprém (H), Geometria Villa Romana 

2007 Balassagyarmat (H), Art Intergeometria

2007 Brassow (RO), Artists of the European Int. Sculpture Park

2007 Budapest (H), Icongeometry (Individual Exhibition)

2008 Budapest (H), ,,Itália-Ungheria (,,Steel and Art in the Rennisance– Steel and Art Today"

2008 Olaszliszka (H), Modern Art Fair

2008 Veszprém (H), International Geometrigue Art

2008 Kaposvár (H), Modern Hungarian Sculpturing Street Festival

2008 Budapest (H), AKKU ,,Familiar Road" 

2009 Sopron (H), Ézsiás and Friends Int. Open Air  Sculpture Exhibition (Pan-European picnic jub.)

2009 Pécs (H), Media WAR

2009 Dunaújváros (H), Art-Industriel Futuro

2009 Budapest (H), European Sculpture Park  – Csepel

2010 Rome, Accademia d'Ungheria In Roma (I), L'Arte Futurismo Ieri Costruttivismo Postgeometrico Arte Industriale Oggi

2010 Budapest (H), Intergeometry

2010 Budapest (H), L'Arte Futurismo Ieri Costruttivismo Postgeometrico Arte Industriale Oggi

2011 Pécs (H) Wunderbaum Winter Collection 2010-11 I. 

(Individual Exhibition)

2011 Budapest (H), Universitas – Industrial Art

2011 Budapest (H) Wunderbaum Winter Collection 2010-11 II. 

(Individual Exhibition)

2013 Berlin, Werkbund Archiv - Museum der Dinge (D) Zeit_Wert_Zeit






+49 1 7434 84 887